Supporting the Local Music Community – Discussion Session

How we can use technology to support/enhance/grow the local music community?
We would like to engage members of the community to talk about how we can use technology to grow and support the local music scene. These technologies might be the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook), recommender systems (Pandora, Apple iTunes Genius), and content hosting sites (YouTube, Spotify).

This topic relates to the MegsRadio project that the session leaders have been working on for the past few years. MegsRadio is a personalized radio player like Pandora but that focuses on promoting music by local artists. In the coming months, we plan to develop a companion sitethat artists can use to contribute information about their music, as well learn the how listeners respond to their music.

We would hope to attract both local musicians and music fans to discuss how they distribute, promote and consume music. Our hope is that the session will be used to generate ideas thatcan both shape the future of the MegsRadio project and lead to entirely new music technology innovations.

Doug Turnbull, Brian Dozoretz, Adam Peruta
Categories: General