Rebecca Sophia Strong


Rebecca Sophia Strong, MA, is a science geek born into the body of a social artist. She serves as the Founding Director of The Embodied Cosmology Project. Rebecca's formal education is as a social scientist in Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology. She is a trained living-systems group facilitator and movement-based educator. She has apprenticed herself to the scientific story of the Universe for the past thirteen years primarily through the works of Dr Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry.

The Embodied Cosmology Project brings the science of Cosmology together with performance art to tell the 13.8 billion-year, evidence-based story of the Universe and Earth, calling forth life's creative genius towards a visionary future that rocks for all. Rebecca and The Embodied Cosmology Project have worked in collaboration with the Colorado Bioneers, Esalen Institute’s Eco-Literacy program, the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo’s Peace Education Fund and the Buffalo/Niagara Sierra Club.

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